After celebrating Juneteenth, Stevie Wonder reflected on the current racial tensions in the world and pushed for the Black Lives Matter movement to take action in an impassioned YouTube video, "The Universe Is Watching Us."

The legendary musician began by quoting lyrics from his 1973 classic, "Visions," as he imagined a foreseeable ending to racism.

"Systemic racism can have an ending. Police brutality can have an ending. Economic repression of black and brown people can have an ending," Wonder declared.

"People can have an ending. A movement without action is a movement standing still," he added.

Wonder also encouraged people to vote. "We have the power to vote, and we can make a change."

Though the singer did not mention President Trump by name, Wonder alluded to previous remarks President Trump has made, including when he referred to protesters as "thugs."

"One day, you will show that you're sorry. Because action speaks louder than words," Wonder said.

"Black lives do matter and this is not another digital viral trend moment or hashtag," he continued."It is our lives, literally. Yes, all lives do matter. But they only matter when black lives matter, too."

"You know, it's a sad day when I can see better than your 2020 vision," he added. "The universe is watching us. Let's do something. Let's make a difference."