Tim Tebow is getting ready to tie the knot.

The former NFL quarterback stopped by "Good Morning America" today and opened up about his recent engagement to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, a South African model and Miss Universe 2017.

"I totally messed up right after we got engaged and I introduced her as my girlfriend," Tebow told "GMA." "But it was OK because then she did it a couple of days later so I didn't feel as bad."

Tebow organized an elaborate surprise for the proposal, which he shared with fans on his Instagram page on Jan. 10.

"We had so many surprises but the problem is I had to lie, like a lot," he said. "I didn't really like it or feel comfortable but I had to and it was worth it."

Tebow added, "She was totally surprised and I had her favorite singer come out after I proposed -- [he sang] our favorite song called "The Wedding Song" by Matthew Mole. I flew her family over from South Africa and her friends."

In the midst of wedding planning Tebow is starring and is a co-executive producer of the new film, "Run the Race." He even teamed up with his brother Robby, who is the other executive producer on the project.

The movie is a fictional story of two high school athlete brothers who see their relationship tested as they seek different paths out of their troubled lives.

"This was special because we all have to go through things in life and we have to learn to forgive and also accept forgiveness and not every family's perfect but we're all trying to work together," Tebow said. "This movie does a great job of really telling that story of truly running the race together as a family."