The supermodel, who is known for keeping it real, reveals in her new memoir, "Perfect Is Boring," that she had plastic surgery on her nose early in her career.

"I had bones in my nose that were growing and itching," Banks, 44, told People in an interview to promote her book. "I could breathe fine, but I added cosmetic surgery. I admit it! Fake hair, and I did my nose. I feel I have a responsibility to tell the truth."

PHOTO: Tyra Banks, circa 1990.
WireImage/Getty Images, FILE
Tyra Banks, circa 1990.

Banks has nothing against makeup either, saying the "no makeup" look just isn't for her.

"As a model, I needed makeup," said the mother of one. "I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It leveled my playing field. Gisele, you don’t need it? I do! And we’re both modeling for Victoria’s Secret."

By sharing her beauty secrets, Banks hopes to start a more honest conversation about looks.

"If you like your natural self, don’t worry about it," she said. "But if you feel insecure about something...I have a magic bag of beauty tricks to make you who you want to be. Permanent or temporary, I do not judge."

PHOTO: Tyra Banks visits MTV TRL, Jan.9, 2018 in New York City.
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Tyra Banks visits MTV TRL, Jan.9, 2018 in New York City.

And she hopes other women stop judging too.

"There is a boundary line -- either you’re super natural or you live at the plastic surgeon. It’s okay to hop back and forth over that line," Banks said. "You want a hair weave? Fine. You want permanent eyebrows? Fine. We as women need to stop judging."