Most people know Chrissy Metz as one of the breakout stars of "This Is Us." After Saturday night, though, many more will recognize her as an up-and-coming country singer when she makes her Grand Ole Opry debut.

Based on her childhood, the actress could have chosen any number of musical paths.

"I grew up in Japan," Metz, 39, told reporters in a recent interview. "My dad was in the Navy, so I grew up there, my first nine years. And my parents were like melting pots of music. So we grew up with everything from, like, Motown to the Doobie Brothers, the Righteous Brothers to Charlie Daniels Band. I mean, everything, anything. Charley Pride, you know, just everything."

"And I always just loved the storytelling of country music," she added. "And then obviously, being from a small town in Florida, country music was always playing. And I just, I just loved it."

Metz believes playing Kate Pearson on "This Is Us" helped clarify her musical direction.

"For me, country music just made sense," she continued, "because I feel like I'm vulnerable enough to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in the storytelling. And I think that obviously through the character that I play on 'This Is Us,' it's lended [sic] my heart to be really open and exposed."

You can watch Metz's Opry debut on Saturday night starting at 8 p.m. ET via Circle All Access on YouTube. Expect to hear her debut country single, "Talking to God," as well as the new track, "Actress." Both will be featured on her debut EP, which is expected sometime this fall.

Metz is busy finishing the record in Nashville as she waits for production to resume on the new season of "This Is Us."