Thirty-three years after their movie first captivated audiences, Cary Elwes and Robin Wright have reunited to deliver the news that the 1987 film, "The Princess Bride," will be available on Disney+ as of May 1.

"Are you bored yet?" Elwes -- who played Westley -- asks in the clip, which was shared to the streaming site’s social media pages on Monday.

"No," Wright -- who played Buttercup -- answers. "Are you?"

"Not even, but if I was stuck in front of my TV I could think of some real fun things to watch, like that 'Princess Bride' movie we made together," he responded.

"Hmm, is that on again?" she joked back.

That’s when they revealed the movie’s premiere date for Disney+, with Wright, 54, asking if they’d get to take a selfie with Mickey Mouse and Elwes, 57, replying with one of the film’s most iconic lines: "As you wish."

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Wright said is "so thrilled" for "The Princess Bridey," directed by Rob Reiner, to hit Disney+ and that it was "so great connecting again" with Elwes "via cyberspace" while he joked that now there’s "no need to be in the Pit of Despair."

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