Lauren Akins is the latest to try out the #TheFruitSnackChallenge with her daughter Ada James.

The author and wife of country star Thomas Rhett shared an adorable video of their 2-year-old doing the popular challenge on Saturday.

The viral trend involves parents leaving a snack in front of their child and asking the child not to eat it until they return to the room. The parent sets up a hidden camera beforehand to record the child’s reaction and see if they wait to eat the snack.

In the video, Akins tells Ada James to wait until she returns to the room before digging into the snack in front of her, and Ada James patiently obeys. "Ada James being so BERY patient," Akins captioned the video. "After pool hair, ballet outfit & #toddlerchallenge 🌈💕 #soBERYpatient"

Check out the cute video below:

VIDEO: So proud of Thomas Rhett’s daughter’s self-control during the fruit cup challenge
See for yourself if Ada James was being berry patient during the fruit cup challenge.

Many other celebs have also tried out this popular challenge with their children.

Actress Gabrielle Union recently shared her 1-year-old daughter Kaavia James Union Wade's reaction in a hilarious video.

Kylie Jenner also tested it out with her 2-year-old daughter Stormi Webster.