Wynonna Judd provided an honest description of her experience with menopause, admitting it has brought on some crazy changes in her life.

Speaking to Page Six on Monday, the country star said she decided to speak up about her ordeal, saying, "I’m not going to be ashamed."

"I know people don’t want to hear about it … we should be talking about this when we’re in our 30s," she continued.

As for the changes menopause has brought for the 56-year-old, Judd explained how it goes beyond mood swings and hot flashes.

"I haven’t talked about this," she said. "Well, I’ve just come off the road, everything’s off the bus and I stand in my closet and weep. The next thing is, I’m not sleeping and the next thing is I’m jiggling my leg and the next thing is I’m thinking of running up to the mailbox naked and standing and waving at people."

"You think crazy stuff," Judd added, revealing she consulted a doctor and is now undergoing hormone treatment.

The "No One Else on Earth" singer said the therapy is saving her sanity, adding that before she opted for the treatment, she feared she was "going to do something inappropriate and be on one of those videos that goes viral."

Judd also discussed her weight struggles and how, thanks to quarantine, she has learned to love her body and is looking ahead to touring once more.

"I’m going to go out on that stage no matter what shape I’m in," she said. "I’m going to sing from my toenails and that’s the beauty of overcoming and not being a victim. That’s been one of my greatest journeys -- I’m not a victim and I can change this at any time."