One woman's comparison of the photos she and her husband take with their children has thousands of moms on Instagram relating.

Bethany Rose of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shared the side-by-side images with her 18,000 followers last month after a family hiking trip. Seen in the left-side photo is dad Jake with Emmett, 5, Hadley, 3 and Juniper, 1, who are all smiles and looking at the camera. Mom Bethany's shot, snapped by Jake, wasn't exactly sharable material.

"It made me laugh because I took two photos and they were both great," said Bethany, who declined to give her surname for privacy reasons. "I was like, 'Why do I have to work so hard, standing forever to get the picture?' For his photo, he didn't ask for it."

Bethany, who's expecting her fourth child, said she shared the humorous pictures on her Instagram blog, Waves and Lilacs, where she talks about marriage, motherhood, her faith and publishes funny reels.

After she asked her husband to take pictures of her and their three children, Bethany realized there were likely other mothers who experienced the same photo faux pas.

"I think we [moms] like pictures. We're usually the ones who tend to book a photo shoot for fall or Christmas photos and the guys go along with it," Bethany said of the irony. "I don't want to group all men, or all women. I don't think it's dads being inconsiderate. I just truly don't think all of them think about it."

Moms commented on Bethany's post, revealing their own frustrating, yet hilarious family photography stories.

"Right after I got the perfect shot of my husband and the boys, I got in the picture and my oldest fell of a rock and everyone ended up crying," one woman wrote. "So glad we aren't the only ones!"

"I've straight up told my husband our 6-year-old is a better photographer," another commented.

Some reported having better luck.

"We’re the opposite - my husband is by far the better photo taker," a mom wrote.

Despite her funny post, Bethany said her husband Jake has become a great photographer and captures most of the moments on her blog.

Her advice to other parents who want that great photo is to keep asking your partner and let them know how important it is to you.