It's a life lesson: dance like no one is watching.

That's exactly what two young friends -- third grader Sofi and first grader Graham -- at Westwood Elementary School in Stillwater, Oklahoma did on Valentine's Day.

But lucky for us, their teacher was watching. And recording.

They had never danced together before, their teacher, Maureen Lawson, told "Good Morning America," though the two "have always been drawn to each other."

What makes their moves even more impressive is that there was no music playing at the time.

"I am not sure what prompted this dance," Lawson said. "Our classroom was very busy at the time, but they just decided to dance, with no music and no talking."

The video has been viewed millions of times on the school's Facebook page.

"We are all a little surprised by how many times this video has been shared," she told "GMA." "But with all the ugliness that happens in our world, I think people just want to see something happy and beautiful."