Grab a pack of sandwich cookies and get ready to make a sweet and simple Thanksgiving treat.

Melissa Coyle, food blogger and creator of Melissa's Healthy Kitchen, told "Good Morning America" that her no-bake Oreo creation is the perfect use of leftover candy corn from Halloween.

"I thought, let's use them up and create an easy no-bake dessert for Thanksgiving. And so, these turkey cookies were created for a no fuss Thanksgiving dessert," Coyle said.

Coyle has been creating recipes for her blog for the past decade, and over the last six years has shared her easy, healthy and balanced recipes on social media.

"It brings me so much happiness to be able to share these recipes and see everyone enjoying with their families," she said.

Check out everything you need for this fun recipe below and give it a try for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations.

Easy No-bake Oreo Turkey Cookies

PHOTO: Oreo turkeys for Thanksgiving.
Oreo turkeys for Thanksgiving.


Favorite chocolate sandwich cookies (I used a gluten free + dairy free ones)

Candy corn

Candy eyes

Melted chocolate of choice


Take apart your cookie sandwich.

Press in 5 candy corns into the filling. You can also dip the ends in melted chocolate to help them adhere better to cookie.

Carefully place the other half of cookie on top.

Add melted chocolate to back of candy eyes and place on cookie.

Add melted chocolate to back of candy corn and place below the eyes for the wattle. You can also use an orange chocolate chip or any orange candy for the waddle.