Sure, you know the muffin man, but what about this 4-year-old mini muffin fan?

Xander Tindall of South Carolina set out to get a little something extra from his favorite snack, Entenmann's Little Bites, after deciding the four mini muffins in each pack didn't curb his hunger.

Since his mom Allie Tindall allowed him just one bag per day, Xander came up with a solution and sent it to the baked goods manufacturer in the form of a letter.

"I would like to ask for you to put five muffins in your bags because four is not enough and I'm only allowed one bag. This would make me happy," he wrote.

He didn't know it then, but Entenmann's got the memo.

Little Bites Senior Brand Manager, Moira Flood, confirmed to "Good Morning America" that the company received Xander's note on July 7.

"We love to hear first-hand from our fans, especially our young fans, and do our absolute best to reply with heartfelt letters and product so our fans know how much we appreciate them," Flood said.

The company replied to Xander's message with a care package filled with a variety of Little Bites flavors and a note that read: "While we unfortunately can't add another muffin to each pack at this time, we hope the enclosed Little Bites muffins will help to make up for it."

"Our goal as a brand is to support and spread joy, and we hope this care package did just that for little Xander," Flood said.

Xander's mom said her son was thrilled with the response -- and even more excited about the gift.

"Want to know true customer service? Just ask Entenmann's who responded to our 4-year-old's request to add more muffins to his every day lunch snack," Allie Tindall wrote on Instagram July 18, alongside a photo of the package. "Thank you for making his week and for responding to his letter. He's beside himself."

Once more, Entenmann's was keeping an eye out.

"We got your back buddy," the company replied in the comments.