They say everything is bigger in Texas, and for one toddler, that includes cheeseburger orders.

Kelsey Golden was stunned when she discovered her 2-year-old-son Barrett had grabbed her unlocked phone and ordered 31 cheeseburgers via the delivery app DoorDash.

Golden initially thought her son had just been taking selfies with the device until she got the burger bill.

"I was working, I was using my phone, and sometimes whenever I'm on my computer and my phone he'll come grab the phone out of my hand. And he did," Golden told ABC News Houston station KTRK. "He usually likes to take pictures of himself and so he was doing that. I thought I locked the phone. But apparently, I didn't."

Barrett racked up a $91.70 total, which included an 18% tip for the driver.

"I heard a door knock, and I came out and it turns out they were at our house," she said surprised by the delivery driver, who asked: 'You order 31 burgers?'" Golden told the driver, 'Oh wow, no, I didn't order these.' But I did. My son did."

Barrett ate just half of one cheeseburger and so his mom took to social media and offered free lunch to her friends and community for pickup.