2020 has been a tough year, but if this year's Google trends tell us anything, it's that people were wanting to help, give and learn more than ever before.

According to data shared by Google, several search terms hit an all-time high in search this year.

"How to help" was searched more in 2020 than any year prior, with many wondering what they could do aid efforts for the Australia wildfires, Black Lives Matter, the coronavirus and Beirut. In addition to that, "how to donate" was searched two times more than "how to save money."

Learning about diversity efforts and how to be an ally was popular in 2020. The phrase "how to be an ally" was searched more this year than "how to be an influencer," according to Google Trends data. Many wondered how they could show support for racial justice, diversity in the workplace and for the LGBTQ community. In correlation to being an ally, searches for gender neutral pronouns reached an all-time high this year.

The racial justice movement impacted the world's searches. "Black Lives Matter" was searched five times more than the previous year.

In June 2020, "what is systematic racism" reached an all-time high. "Protests near me" was searched in every state in America for the first time in Google Trends history. George Floyd was the most searched "George" of the year – surpassing celebrities and historical figures. "How to be anti-racist" was searched more than "how to be a millionaire."

Trends showed us that many wanted to support the racial justice movement. Searches for "where to buy Black" and "black-owned" doubled in 2020. The top trending T-shirt search of the year was "Black Lives Matter."

Google also turned into an answer for expressing gratitude this year, with "how to thank" hitting an all-time high. Many were wondering how they could show their appreciation to nurses, doctors, teachers, bus drivers and other essential workers.

In a year full of changes, people seem to be looking forward rather than back. "How to change the world" was searched twice as much as "how to go back to normal."

And amid uncertainty, many looked for ways to find happiness on the internet. Searches for "foster dogs" reached an all-time high this year. "Virtual museums" was the top-searched activity, and "sunset near me" reached an all-time high as people looked for safe outdoor activities to experience with loved ones.

If the trends tell us anything, people learned, helped and sought happiness and positivity more than ever during this unprecedented year. Bring on 2021.