Supermodel Cindy Crawford has been wearing makeup for years, but she recently admitted that her husband would rather see her go without it.

In one of Vogue's latest beauty tutorials starring Crawford, she says "My husband hates makeup, so this is already too much makeup for him. But I do explain to him that women do makeup for other women, not men."

Earlier in the video, Crawford does somewhat follow with her husband's thoughts by mentioning that she does wear way less makeup now than she did when she was younger.

"When I started modeling I knew zero about makeup and skincare," the 53-year-old says at the beginning of the clip. "My first modeling job was 'do your own makeup.'

She continues by reflecting back to having to do that job alongside models Iman and Dianne deWitt.

"These divas were like painting themselves, and I just remember standing in the mirror, kind of trying to mimic what they were doing," says Crawford.

Crawford pulls her hair down and finishes her clean minimalist look in less than 10 minutes -- showing how less can actually be more.