As fans of Netflix's "Queer Eye" know, style expert Tan France believes that in order to feel your best, you must dress the part.

Fashion, he told "Good Morning America," is not nearly as frivolous as some might think.

In a new interview with "GMA," France explained that if a man or woman does not make the effort to dress well, it's going to be more difficult for that person to achieve the things for which they're striving.

"When I'm not dressed the way I want to be dressed, I definitely don't feel as confident. I don't feel as powerful," he said. "What I do on the show is to encourage men to dress a certain way to make sure that they feel the best they can possibly feel that day."

Now, he's sharing his philosophy with those off-screen too. France spoke to "GMA" in connection to his work with the Men's Wearhouse suit drive, which runs throughout July. To help unemployed Americans get back on their feet, France is asking men and women around the country to donate their gently-used professional attire to any Men's Wearhouse store in exchange for a discount on their next purchase there.

"Even if you can't give a suit, [donate] a belt, a tie -- something that will encourage people who don't have access to all these items to dress appropriately to land that job and get back into the workplace," France said. "I'm actively encouraging people to remember that how they dress is important for the life they want to live."

France knows it can be tricky for fashion novices to stay stylish in a number of situations, so he answered "GMA" readers and viewers' burning fashion questions on how to tweak your wardrobe for fall and what to wear to a wedding and job interview. Read on for France's top takeaways.

1. How do I pick a suit?

"Go for something that is dark ... you can wear it anytime of year," France said.

2. What should I wear to a job interview?

"I would rather you go dressed up a little too much than dressed down a little too much," France said. "Remember this is a work place and you're not selling your style, you're selling your work skills."

3. What can I wear to a wedding to stand out?

"Don't compete with the bride. Don't compete with the groom," France said. Women don't always have to wear dresses, according to France. He also suggests skirts or pants, but don't be too casual.

4. How should I transition my wardrobe for different seasons?

"Layer, layer, layer!" France said. "I love to wear my lighter shirts in the winter, but I just will wear something on top of it," he continued.

5. What trend should go away?

"The '90s have been around for the last couple of years again but in particular, rubber or PVC, we saw it a lot in 'Clueless' and now it's made it's way back. Don't go for it," France said.

6. What are five fashion must-haves for men and women?

France suggests a suit, a leather jacket, a slim pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater and a great pair of shoes. For women, stilettos and for men, he recommends a Chelsea boot.