You might be surprised to know that early riser Ginger Zee's morning does not wind down after "Good Morning America" wraps every day.

So how does ABC News' chief meteorologist and a mother of two tackle each morning as it comes? By staying focused on each task at hand.

"I've learned that mornings are too frenetic to be balanced," Zee recently shared in an interview with Real Simple magazine. "Instead I try to be focused. I focus on each task in front of me and do the best I can at it."

Read about each step in Ginger's morning and the reasons behind them in her own words.

1. I wake up before 4 a.m.

I try to wake up by 4 a.m., so a little before would be ideal. If I'm sleeping in, it's like 4:05. That's an exciting morning.

[It] never gets easier by the way. People ask that all the time, "Do you get used to it?" No.

Have I ever overslept? Absolutely. At this job, maybe twice. At previous jobs, I've missed entire shows. Setting multiple alarms is my biggest piece of advice [to avoid oversleeping].

2. I take a shower and write what I'm thankful for.

First, and this is really unique, I take a shower ... OK, that part's not unique, but what I do in the shower is I think about what I'm grateful for and what I want to focus in on for the day.

3. I wash and moisturize my face.

Then I wash and moisturize my face. I try to keep myself ageless.