Family October 29, 2020

6-year-old's rap about careers from A to Z goes viral

Bobby White/Facebook
Robert 'Sam' White III of Memphis, Tenn., performs the song "#YouCanBeABCs" in a screen grab from a video posted to Bobby White's Facebook page on Oct. 24, 2020.

"You can be an 'A'/ You can be an architect/ You can be a 'B'/ You can be a biochemist."

Or a K for a kindergarten teacher -- or really anything at all.

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It's a super-viral version of the ABCs rapped by 6-year-old Sam White, the Memphis, Tennessee tot who tells his viewers they can be anything they want to be.

His dad, Bobby White, posted the video to Facebook, where it's been shared more than 300,000 times.

"I’m penning this as the #YouCanBeABCs with Sam," Bobby White wrote. "Literally stopped him from drinking a smoothie to film this. In addition to being the co-writer, I think Sam deserves credit for choreography. 🤣🤣 #keepdreaming #kids 😍 (for the record, it’s all memorized. He’s looking at the camera - not a teleprompter.)"

Turns out little Sam is no stranger to the camera. He's got his own YouTube channel, where he sings church songs and does a "yellow pants dance," among others.