Style June 14, 2018

Glitter sunscreen is our new summer go-to

WATCH: Glitter sunscreen is our new summer go to

This sunscreen will give you the magic glow you want this summer.

Unicorn Snot, a trendy line of glittery beauty products, debuted a new glitter sunscreen to keep you protected from the sun and glistening all summer long.

The sunscreen, which comes in blue, gold and pink, has been popping on Instagram. It's marketed as a must-have for every summer event from music festivals to beach trips to picnics.

Courtesy Unicorn Snot
Glitter sunscreen is a new go to for the summer.

"Glitter is for everybody," Zoe Cronin, the company's marketing coordinator told "GMA."

The Unicorn Snot brand, capitalizing on the popularity of unicorns in everything from pool floats to accessories and party gear, is just over 18 months old, but its parent company FCTRY has been around for approximately a decade. This sunscreen is SPF 30 and "cruelty-free," the company says.

Courtesy Unicorn Snot
Stay protected and glisten with this glitter sunscreen.

The "cosmetic-grade glitter is mixed with SPF 30 sunscreen and moisturizing beeswax to make something that's cuter and safer for skin than craft glitter, stays on all day, and provides an amazing sparkle," Cronin said.

The company also has glitter gel and lip gloss if you want to be extra sparkly.

Courtesy Unicorn Snot
The sunscreen comes in three different colors featuring lots of glitter.