Alicia Keys shared a sweet poem reflecting on her 5-year-old son's future amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

On Instagram, Keys, 39, shared an adorable photo of her son, Genesis Ali, describing him as "my beautiful baby boy, so curious and pure, yet so clear about what you don't want."

"I hope that never changes," she wrote. "I hope that inner strength and fire never extinguishes, and you never feel the sway to fit in or be silenced."

"I have a strong feeling you won't, that's just not the fabric from which u came," she continued.

Keys expressed her hopes for her son's future and his potential career fields: "future architect, builder, mastermind, wisdom keeper, re-shaper, change maker."

"My Beautiful Baby Boy, You are unstoppable!!!" she wrote.

Using the Black Lives Matter hashtag in her post, Keys also directed fans to a link in her Instagram bio on methods to fight racial inequality, featuring protest maps, petitions, organizations seeking donations and voter registration tips.

The singer also recently shared a poem about much-needed changes in the world. "We need more than poems. We need deep systemic change," she captioned her post. "⁣But when I wrote these words it was a little prayer that I personally needed. Maybe u do too."