Amanda Kloots recently revealed that she's lent her vocals to a song that her late husband previously recorded.

The fitness trainer shared a photo this week with music producer and composer Rickey Minor and opened up on how the special project came to be.

"Rickey has been my great friend for years and I’ve watched him win Emmy’s, conduct the Oscars and work with every famous artist like Whitney Houston and Rhianna," she explained. "Tonight, he said YES to working with me."

Kloots further explained that her late husband wrote a song about losing his dad, called "Not Far Away."

"He posted it on Instagram, but only wrote one verse and chorus," Kloots wrote. "Our friend Maddox had the idea for me to write the second verse and then sing a duet with Nick. Rickey and @lennywee helped me, added our voices together, mixed and arranged it, then added beautiful strings and chimes to create this new duet."

She described the time spent creating the duet as "one special night."

"I got to sing with Nick! It was hard living up to my husbands vocals but I closed my eyes and pretended we were onstage singing this song together," she wrote. "I cried a lot, but Rickey guided me through it every step of the way."

"I’m so grateful that I’ll have this song always and that Elvis will too," she added.

The news of this track comes after the upcoming Nick Cordero memorial tribute on Broadway On Demand was announced. Family, friends and former co-stars of late Broadway star will honor him in a streamed memorial on Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. ET.