Anna Kendrick is embracing the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

The "Pitch Perfect" actress, 34, shared some of her favorite moments and family traditions during the festive time, while speaking about her upcoming film, "Noelle," on "Good Morning America" on Monday.

In the Marc Lawrence-directed film, Kendrick plays Santa's daughter, who is on a mission to find her missing brother Nick, played by Bill Hader, and save Christmas.

"I've always wanted to do a Christmas movie. It's definitely been a bucket list thing, and if you're going to do a Christmas movie, do it with Disney," she said.

"They built ice skating slides -- that's how you get around at the North Pole, so I had to ice skate everywhere while we were filming," she added about her time on set. "It was magical."

The actress also spoke about her experience starring alongside Shirley MacLaine in "Noelle."

"She's an angel. All her stories are not safe for TV -- it was so much fun," the actress said, adding that she referred to MacLaine as a "living legend" while they filmed together. "She's a real hard-living lady, and I love her for that."

Kendrick, who called Christmas, "the most joyful time of the year," says she is excited to go home to Maine during the holidays. She also shared one of her favorite family traditions during the season.

"We do something weird -- we watch football with 'The Nutcracker' on. We turn the sound off of football, and we play 'The Nutcracker' because every now and then it lines up perfectly."

"I encourage you to do this at home," she added. "It's so much fun ... a play will align perfectly as the music crescendos -- it's really great. Everyone cheers!"

Something else Kendrick cherishes? Her relationship with her "Pitch Perfect" co-stars.

"It sounds cheesy, but it is like family," she shared. "Every time we get together everything's right back where it was."

She said that the group is, "really there for each other all the time."

"It's amazing to know that you have these women who have your back," she added.

You can stream Kendrick's new film "Noelle" on the highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+, that launches Nov. 12.

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