Anne Hathaway announced her second pregnancy with touching note to those hoping to grow their families.

The actress, who did not reveal a due date or how far along she is, shared a photo of herself to Instagram in which a baby bump is clearly visible.

After joking, "It's not for a movie," she added that she was sending "extra love" to those "going through infertility and conception hell."

"Please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies," she wrote.

Hathaway, 36, and her husband of six years, actor Adam Shulman, welcomed their son Jonathan in April, 2016. The next year, she told "Good Morning America" that she hadn't planned on announcing that pregnancy, but after she spotted a photographer taking pictures of her while she was vacationing, she felt she had no choice.

“I just thought, it's such a joyful and a sacred experience, you know, carrying life,” Hathaway explained. “And I just thought, I don't want the first version of this to be out there with me covering or scowling at someone."

“That's not representative of the experience, so I chose a photo that I was happy with, and I put it out there," she added.