"Arthur" broke down barriers Monday as the show debuted season 22 on PBS Kids and celebrated the wedding of Mr. Ratburn.

Arthur's teacher not only got married, but came out as gay, tying the knot with his new husband.

The episode was titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone," and the class spent the entire show coming to the realization that their teachers actually have lives outside of school.

Originally, the kids wanted to stop the wedding -- because they thought their teacher was marrying Patty, a female rat they didn't like. As it turns out, though, Patty is his sister.

When the kids get to the wedding, they see Mr. Ratburn walking down the aisle with another groom and huge smiles on their faces.

The fact that Ratburn isn't marrying Patty makes the kids relieved and so happy for their teacher. All they needed to see was his happiness, as they are beyond grateful for their beloved mentor.

They do make fun of the new married couple's dance moves, though, because of course.

Older fans of the show were surprised that "Arthur" is still on the air, but also happy to see the show head in this direction, teaching young kids that love is love.

"Wait... they’re still playing Arthur?" one fan wrote.

Another added, "Mr. Ratburn is the gay icon I never knew I needed."

"Shout out to @PBS and @arthurpbs for starting pride month early and making this edit I did years ago into a reality! As gay person who grew up on Arthur this means the world to me," another fan tweeted.

"im so happy for them!! thank you pbs kids," yet another user added, while another gave the show snaps for "supporting gay marriage!"

There are too many well wishes to count, but the episode and the reactions to it are a sign that representation matters and fans are really loving the episode.