With people staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some artists are getting a little creative with their hair and a pair of scissors.

Days after Pink revealed she gave herself a haircut while drunk, Blake Shelton turned to his girlfriend Gwen Stefani to give him a makeover.

After declaring on March 17 that he would be spending the entire quarantine period growing his old mullet back, the "God's Country" singer let Stefani jazz it up on Thursday.

"Quarantine mullet update 3/26/2020," Shelton tweeted. "@gwenstefani has decided to take it to the next level.. Stripes."

He included a short video loop with the announcement, which shows Stefani gently playing with his new hairdo that now sports two noticeable stripes on the side.

Some fans did point out his new style doesn't exactly scream "mullet" but more like "mohawk" since the hair on top of his head is much longer than the buzzcut on his sides.

That said, with much of quarantined America tuning into Netflix's latest smash hit "Tiger King," fans are urging Shelton to call himself "Blake Exotic," a nod to the star of the documentary, exotic cat breeder Joe Exotic.

Shelton revealed that his decision to grow his hair out was inspired by "basically EVERYTHING I had scheduled being canceled" and that he wanted his mullet to be a "symbol of hope or some s--- like that."