Britney Spears may be heading to Congress to help change the laws regarding conservatorships.

The pop star, whose 13-year conservatorship was terminated in November, shared to Instagram on Wednesday an invitation she received from two lawmakers asking her to testify.

"I received this letter months ago … An invitation to share my story … I was immediately flattered and at the time I wasn't nearly at the healing stage I'm in now," Spears shared. "Again, I'm not here to be a victim although I'm the first to admit I’m pretty messed up by it all ... I want to help others in vulnerable situations, take life by the balls and be brave."

The "...Baby One More Time" singer, 40, also added she is "grateful" that Congress "acknowledged" her story: "Because of the letter, I felt heard and like I mattered for the first time in my life."

"In a world where your own family goes against you, it's actually hard to find people that get it and show empathy," she continued.

The invitation, dated Dec. 1, came from Democratic representatives Charlie Crist of Florida and Eric Swalwell of California. The letter to both Spears and her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, read, in part, "It goes without saying that we have been following your conservatorship closely and were elated that you were able to both remove your father as a years-long conservator in September and finally terminate your conservatorship entirely in November."

"Your journey towards justice will inspire and empower many others who are improperly silenced by the conservatorship process," the letter continued, asking Spears to meet with them and "describe in your own words how you achieved justice."

Britney hasn't formally announced she will be heading to Washington, D.C., but she did thank the lawmakers "for inviting me to the White House." She ended her note with three red rose emojis.