Celine Dion recently opened up about her parenting style and how she fosters growth in her family.

In an interview with Dan Wootton on "Lorraine" that aired Tuesday, the singer and mother of three spoke at length about her relationship with her 18-year-old son, Rene-Charles Angelil.

"He's a normal teenager, growing, trying things, exploring -- and I think that's the way it should be," she shared.

"Sometimes you try to embrace them, sometimes you're trying to help them to find their path, but they have to find their own way at one point because if you pull the cable too, too much, they can really go wild and off," she continued.

The music icon also spoke about encouraging her eldest son to continue exploring different avenues, as he is actively involved in sports and music among other things.

"He's good in everything he's trying," she said. "He doesn't know exactly -- I don't think yet -- and it's normal not to know, just turning 18 what you're going to be, what you want to do, what you're going to become in life. But when he tries some things he gets his whole self into it."

Dion said that experimenting with several creative outlets throughout adolescence is the norm.

"As any teenager, they have to try things because if you say no to so many things -- they will turn around and still do them," she said. "So I am giving him more space. I trust him. He does stuff sometimes that I have to say, not necessarily agree with what he chooses to try, but as long as he's using his intelligence and his mind and brain, I trust him."

Dion shared a photo on her Instagram with her son just last week, to celebrate his 18th birthday.

"You have become a man and I am very proud of who you are today, and of who you are becoming each passing day," she captioned the shot.

"Your father continues to guide you, helping you to make the right choices," she added, referring to her late husband, Rene Angelil, who passed in 2016. "And I am here to walk beside you and always embrace you with my unconditional love."

The singer also touched on Angelil's influence on their son during the "Lorraine" interview.

"His dad's sending him good energy," she said. "I told him that I will always have my heart and my hand for him to hold onto because we love him so much and we wish him the best in whatever he decides to do in life, as long as he's happy because he's a great human being."

Dion said that her late husband continues to impact her life in immeasurable ways.

"I've had wonderful moments in my whole life since I was a child, growing in this family, having wonderful parents, getting married to the greatest man in this world, knowing that now he's in peace and he's resting and always within me," she said. "And I see him every day through the eyes of my children."

"He gave me so much strength through all these years and so much luggage for me now to explore and for me now to spread my wings," she added.