Watch an exclusive clip above from the Oct. 6 season two premiere episode of "Star Wars: Resistance," titled "Into the Unknown," airing Sunday night on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

There may be no better motivation to join a fight than to watch the bad guys annihilate your home planet, Alderaan-style.

That seminal turning point in the season one finale of "Star Wars: Resistance" was seen through the eyes of Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono, the goofy young pilot who spent most of the season spying on the First Order on board a floating fuel stop called the Colossus.

With the First Order breathing down their necks, Kaz (Christopher Sean) and his pals launched the Colossus from the planet Castilon into space. They will start season two on the run, encountering a wide array of new and familiar "Star Wars" characters.

"The ship is in disrepair, they're running out of food and supplies," says executive producer and supervising director Justin Ridge. "Now they need to survive."

Season two will also focus on Tamara Ryvora (Suzie McGrath), Kaz's disillusioned former friend who was just recruited by the First Order.

"I'm super excited for Tam's arc," says executive producer Brandon Auman. "I feel like that's something we've never really seen before in Star Wars, where we follow a sympathetic character into the First Order, this evil organization. What does she learn? What does she get out of it? How does she grow? In many ways, her story arc is just as important as Katz's in season two."

Season one featured crossover appearances by characters like Poe Dameron, Leia Organa, Capt. Phasma and BB-8. Season two promises appearances by the red-helmeted bounty hunter Sidon Ithano and First Order rising star Kylo Ren. Longtime "Star Wars" sound designer and actor Matthew Wood provides Kylo's voice.

The show's producers want "Resistance" to be able to stand on its own, but admit it's been fun tying elements of the storytelling into the bigger "Star Wars" galaxy.

"It's been a dream to create these new characters and this family that we've never really seen before," says Ridge. "To tie it in to the movies, and to have it be concurrent with 'The Last Jedi' and going up to 'The Rise of Skywalker' is a blast. It's really cool for us to figure out how all that is connected."

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