Let it be known that if you want to go for a long walk with your four-legged best friend, don't take the one who serves as the family's designated couch potato.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson found that out the hard way on Monday when attempting to take his adorable 5-year-old French bulldog on a simple walk. Unfortunately, his dog Hobbs decided very quickly he was not cut out for such grueling physical activity.

"We walked Hobbs a mile down the road so he can get some fresh air and guess who gets to carry him all the way back home because he was too tired," Johnson joked on Instagram, including a picture of him holding a rather pleased Hobbs in his arms.

Johnson quickly assured, "I still love this lil’ SOB."

Of course, the "Jumanji: The Next Level" star couldn't help but take a shot at his best friend and smugly added in the caption, "And ironically, this is also how I hold and carry @kevinhart4real."

While Kevin Hart hasn't responded to the slight, actor Ryan Reynolds did jump into the comments section to marvel, "The disguise is unreal. If I were driving past, I’d never know it’s you."

Johnson looks slightly unrecognizable, as he was wearing a cap and aviator sunglasses for his walk. However, he opted not to cover up his rather unique tattoo on his left bicep, so a dedicated fan probably would have been able to identify him.

That said, should the 47-year-old actor decide to take another slow walk down the street, Hobbs might have successfully pleaded his case why he deserves to stay home on the family's comfy couch.