Hailey Bieber opened up about the "extremely difficult" time when her husband, Justin Bieber, decided to get clean.

Speaking to the "Victoria Secret Voices" podcast, the model said her family's history with addiction prepared her for when Justin started working on his sobriety.

"There's a lot of addiction that runs in our family. Not even just my dad, but a lot of other people on that side of my family struggled with a lot of different things," the 24-year-old shared.

Hailey said she "appreciated" that her father, Stephen Baldwin, openly talked about his battles with substance abuse and how they "almost ruined his relationship with my mom."

"He was always just extremely open about why being sober worked for him and why he needed to be sober and what alcoholic behavior looks like, and where that comes out," she said, adding that his openness is what kept her from experimenting with drugs.

"I was never somebody who struggled with any substances, but that's because I was so aware of it because of my dad. He had a really big issue with cocaine and I was like, I'm never trying it because I'm just so scared that if I try it one time, it might lead into something else," she said, noting that her mother "barely drank wine" for the same reason.

Hailey also said it prepared her to support Justin when he began working on his sobriety.

"It was extremely difficult," she admitted, adding she felt "nervous" to talk about his drug use because it meant looking back at "some dark spaces" in his life.

Justin, however, was "very open about it," and Hailey commended his "good self awareness" because it helped him heal.

"I think that is all I can really ask for," she said.