In an effort to be more transparent with fans, Hailey Bieber opened up about her struggle with an inflammatory skin issue called perioral dermatitis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, perioral dermatitis is a condition most commonly found in women between 16 and 45 years of age that triggers periodic scaly or "small red, pus-filled bumps" that resemble acne around the mouth, nose and eyes. It is unknown what causes the condition and treatment normally involves topical antibiotic ointments.

Bieber, who is married to singer Justin Bieber, took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to talk about her condition and share photos of her most recent breakout.

"This is day 3 so it's calmed down a lot," she said while sharing a photo of the rash on her cheek. "Since I like to be as transparent as possible about my skin: I have something called perioral dermatitis, which I've had for a few years now."

The 24-year-old continued, "It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth or sometimes around and under my eyes."

Bieber, who is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Deodato, said she has been trying to figure out what possibly causes her breakouts to avoid future rashes.

"Some things that I noticed trigger it: trying a new product, a product that's too harsh, weather, masks, sometimes certain SPF," she added, explaining that she only uses "super gentle anti-inflammatory products" on her skin.

The model also noticed her skin reacts to certain detergents so now she only uses "hypoallergenic/organic" products to wash her clothes.

Bieber also noted that she sought a professional opinion about her skin, confirming, "It also took me getting the proper diagnosis from a dermatologist after stubbornly trying to treat it myself."

Then, strongly cautioning her fans, she pleaded that "self-diagnosing is a no-no."