We're all in this together, "High School Musical" fans. Thirteen years after the release of the third "High School Musical" film, Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu are reuniting for a Christmas movie.

The film, "A Christmas Dance Reunion," follows two former "high school dance partners" Lucy Mortimer and Barrett Brewster, according to a trailer for the film. Lucy is a successful attorney who returns to Winterleigh Resort with her mother to celebrate its final Christmas. She is reunited with Barrett, who also happens to be the owner's nephew.

In May, Coleman reminisced about the reunion following the "How it started, How it's going" challenge. A few months later, she wrote on Instagram, "13 years ago, we may have hung up our #wildcat hats but we're #stillinthistogether…".

Bleu also shared his excitement about the film on social media, writing, "After 13 years it felt like home working and dancing with @moniquecoleman again." .

"A Christmas Dance Reunion" premieres Dec. 3 on Lifetime.