The hotly anticipated trailer for the new season of Hulu's " Only Murders in the Building" is finally here.

Season 2 picks up right where the show left off in season 1, with true crime fans and amateur investigators Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) all accused of murdering Bunny, the apartment complex's much-reviled board president.

The trailer opens with Michael Rapaport's Detective Kreps -- a new character this season -- asking the trio, "You have no idea how much trouble you're in, do you?"

The three are then confronted by the press as they exit the police station. Mabel appears shocked, while Charles is angry and Oliver appears to be ecstatic.

In a separate scene, the three are shown walking into what appears to be a memorial service for Bunny, with one fellow resident deadpanning, "Oh, goodie, the murderers are here."

"We were framed," Charles says.

"It'll all be on the podcast," Oliver adds.

Other flashes appear to show Mabel, Charles, and Oliver breaking into apartments, discovering hidden passageways, mapping out how they'll conduct their new podcast series and being sent evidence of Bunny's murder, though the three are still unsure who is behind the mysterious deliveries. They theorize that someone is "toying" with them or trying to set them up.

Gomez teased the new season of the show on Twitter and Instagram Tuesday afternoon.

"June 28th!! Can't wait for y'all to see @onlymurdershulu Season 2," she wrote alongside a video of the trailer.

Martin shared the new trailer as well.

Season 2 will also include a number of new faces, including Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer, who both appear briefly in the trailer.

Catch "Only Murders in the Building" season 2 when it begins streaming on Hulu June 28.