Jamie Lynn Spears is cherishing the time she's able to spend with her family during the pandemic.

The singer and actress, 29, appeared on "Good Morning America" on Thursday to discuss everything from life at home as a mother of two during this time to her new star-studded music video and other projects.

"The circumstances suck, you don't want any type of pandemic to ever happen, but I will say the one thing that I've taken away from it -- I was able to have this quality time with my family and with my children guilt-free," she said.

Spears has two daughters, 2-year-old Ivey with her husband Jamie Watson and Maddie, 12, from her previous relationship. She also gave an update on how her older sister Britney Spears is doing.

"I think that she's doing just like the rest of us," she said. "She's trying to make the best and stay positive during a very challenging time and challenging year, and I think that that's kind of the theme of everyone right now."

Jamie Lynn Spears is currently busy balancing a few projects of her own. She recently released “Follow Me (Zoey 101)," an updated version of the theme song from the hit Nickelodeon show, which ran from 2005 to 2008. Chantel Jeffries produced the track.

She said now was the perfect time for the release because fans have been asking for a reboot for so many years.

"In 2020, I was really focused on bringing that to them." she said. "With COVID happening, it put everything on delay -- production was the last thing from anyone's mind," she said. So instead, Spears decided to give fans a "taste of what's come" with the new song and video.

The video features appearances from many of Spears' former castmates, including Chris Massey (Michael Barret), Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese), Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews) and Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky). Spears' older daughter, Maddie, 12, and her mother, Lynne, also make appearances in the video.

Spears said some of her other former "Zoey 101" castmates Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks), Victoria Justice (Lola Martinez) and Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow) were not able to participate due to other conflicts.

Spears described getting the group back together to shoot this video during the pandemic as "very, very hard."

"Shooting something with more than one person is very challenging during COVID," she said. "Me and the cast, we do have a group message called 'PCA Alum,' I messaged everybody and we had one day to get it done."

Spears also currently stars on the hit Netflix show "Steel Magnolias," which hit the streaming platform in May.