Alex Trebek was candid on "GMA" earlier this week about his cancer battle, announcing that the veteran "Jeopardy!" host will be doing another round of chemotherapy.

But Trebek is supported by the "Jeopardy!" nation and the job he is prouder than ever to do as host, even amid stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

He tells "GMA" that season 36 is just like any other, saying, "It's another day at the office. But what a wonderful office to go to and do your work."

"I love it," he added, and former stars and fans certainly love him back.

"It's great to see him out here again. He's, you know, such a consummate professional. It's like nothing's ever changed," past champion James Holzhauer told "GMA."

Last season's record-breaker added that the new chemo news was a "gut punch" to everyone from the show that cares for the host. That said, Trebek is more committed that ever to the "Jeopardy!" faithful.

"As long as I can walk out and greet the audience and the contestants and run the game, I'm happy. And it's no different than last year or the year before," he said.

'A bit premature and certainly overoptimistic'

In his interview with "GMA," which aired Tuesday and later in a video to fans, Trebek calmly laid out the road ahead, explaining that after the first round of treatment went so well, he expects the same from this second round.

"One of the things I have learned in the past six months is that the course of pancreatic cancer treatment is not a straightforward affair," he said. "There are always curves and unexpected events. This summer, because I was making such good progress, we thought I was finished with chemo. That was a bit premature and certainly overoptimistic."

After going off chemo, Trebek said he lost 12 pounds in a week and his numbers went sky high.

He added, "It appears I will be having more chemo treatments ahead of me. Hey, they worked very well the first time, so we're expecting good results again."

He asked fans to keep him in their thoughts.

"Believe me, it means a lot," he closed.