The Jonas Brothers' highly anticipated new record, titled "The Album," is here.

The group's 12-track project, executive produced by Jon Bellion, arrived Friday.

"The journey this record has taken us on has been a one of a kind experience and finally getting to share these songs with you means the world to us," the band shared in a statement.

"Thank you to the incredible Jon Bellion for helping us bring this body of work to life," their statement continued. "We're so proud of these songs and hope you love it as much as we do. The Album is yours now!"

Not only does it feature a different sound for the group, but it also includes some songs about personal subjects they haven't previously explored in their music.

"When you think about the longevity of a career like a Mick Jagger ... whoever, Bruce [Springsteen] -- those records, those songs really mean something to people," Nick Jonas told ABC News' "Impact x Nightline" earlier this year. "We want to be in that category. So this album, I feel like, does that pretty well."

"With [songs] like 'Wings' and 'Little Bird' ... [they're] all moments in time, real visceral experiences that we've been able to kind of put into song," he explained.

In particular, "Little Bird" is about having daughters, which is something all three brothers have now experienced, and are singing about for the first time.

"I think it's really personal for all of us," Kevin Jonas told ABC Audio of that song. He added, "I've been doing it for a little longer than these guys, but now we're all in the same place. I think that's what it's all about."

As for the sound of the record, it's heavily inspired by 1970s pop music, or, as Nick Jonas told "Impact x Nightline," "the music our dad raised us on -- the Bee Gees, the band America, Stevie Wonder."

"There's a lot of '70s and early '80s influences in the music at its core," he added. "I think it's our best expression of who we are musically and where we come from -- our musical roots -- but also kind of where we are [now] as people."

The group kicks off its new tour for the record on Aug. 12 at Yankee Stadium.