Katy Perry's highly anticipated "Play" Las Vegas residency is finally here.

Ahead of her first show Wednesday night, the award-winning singer and "American Idol" judge gave "Good Morning America" an exclusive sneak peek of the incredible stage at Resorts World Theatre, her dazzling costumes for the 16-show run and more.

Perry, who is known for her eccentric style and incredible performances, said she's stepping it up even more for the residency, which she describes as "PERRY PLAYLAND."

"A lot of my shows have been, you know, figuratively larger than life," she told ABC News' Kaylee Hartung during the interview that aired on "GMA" Wednesday. "But I play a doll in this show, so everything is like, three times the size of me."

"It's 'Honey; I Shrunk the Kids' meets 'Pee-wee's Playhouse,'" she said. "We know what our audience is -- people are here to have fun, people are here to let loose."

Perry showed off massive props during the backstage tour, including a giant bathtub, snails, an enormous toilet, a plunger and more. She also shared a glimpse of the checkboard stage, where fans can expect her to sing some of her most loved hits from past years.

To get fans even more excited for the shows, the singer recently shared the full set list for the residency.

It includes the following hits: "ET," "Chained to the Rhythm," "Dark Horse," "It's Not the End of the World," "California Gurls," "Hot N' Cold/Last Friday Night," "Waking up in Vegas," "Bon Appetit," "Daisies," "I Kissed a Girl," "Lost/Part of Me/Wide Awake," "Swish Swish," "When I'm Gone/Walking on Air!," "Never Really Over," "Teenage Dream," "Smile," "Roar," "Greatest Love of All" and "Firework."

Another aspect of the residency fans can look forward to is Perry performing her new single, "When I'm Gone," which she is set to release with Alesso on Wednesday.

"It is proud and it is fun and it's great because it's coming out the same time -- the opening night of my show -- and just gives a little bit of a fresh, new, fun feeling," she said.

During the interview, she also reflected on how much her life has changed she last toured in 2020: "Between then and now I was able to have a baby, which changed my life and brought me balance and perspective and priority and so much joy -- everything I was looking for, I really found when I met her."

Now, the singer hopes to bring some of this joy to her fans through her new shows.

"Music will continue and people use music to be happy, to get their grief out, to dance, to put their makeup on, it's -- you know, we all need a soundtrack to our lives and I hope I can be part of that," she said.