Maren Morris won't be the only mom on the bus the next time she goes on tour.

The superstar has revealed that her guitarist, Annie Clements, is also expecting a baby in the new year. Morris shared a congratulatory post on Instagram, not only honoring the new milestone for the bassist and vocalist, but also using it as an opportunity to encourage support for artists who are also mothers, remarking how women often feel they have to choose between the two roles.

"I know there are so many women who feel like they have to choose between being a touring musician + starting a family. I never wanted my people to choose. I think it’s a great conversation to have if you’re an artist who employs women," the "Girl" singer explained, adding that she is "unbelievably happy" for Annie and is thrilled to be new moms on the road together.

"So let’s shred for 90 minutes and then go rock these babes to sleep on the bus with a glass of wine," Morris concluded.

In addition to playing in Morris's band, Annie has also toured with Miranda Lambert and plays in the all-female band, Side Piece.

Clements is expecting a baby girl in 2020, while Morris and husband Ryan Hurd will welcome a boy.