News broke on Thursday that Marvel Studios had found a director for a game-changing film set to feature the studio's first Asian lead, "Shang-Chi."

Destin Daniel Cretton will helm the project, reports The Hollywood Reporter, and he has some pretty exciting Marvel ties, in particular to Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson.

Cretton directed the Oscar winner five years ago in "Short Term 12," and is directing her for the third time, along with "Black Panther's" Michael B. Jordan, in "Just Mercy." So, basically, they will be able to fill him in on all he needs to know about the Marvel Universe.

So far, no cast or release dates have been announced.

Shang-Chi first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics back in the early 1970s and is often called the "Master of Kung Fu." He is half Chinese, born to a Chinese father and an American mother.

In the books, he did crossover events with the Iron Fist, formerly a Marvel Netflix show, and the Avengers, eventually joining the team years later.

THR adds that Dave Callaham, writer of hits like "The Expendables" and who is currently working on the comic projects "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2," is writing the script. As with all characters who originated in the past, the story will need updating to avoid cliches and racist tones.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to operate in phases and with this new phase that began with "Captain Marvel," it looks as if the future of the Avengers and its heroes will be more diverse and attuned to modern times.

Fans of the Marvel movies have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the new film.

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