In a lengthy interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe to promote her new album, "Plastic Hearts," Miley Cyrus spoke about her sobriety journey, admitting she recently "fell off."

"I, like a lot of people, being completely honest, during the pandemic, fell off," the singer shared. "I fell off, and I realized that I now am back on sobriety, two weeks sober, and I feel like I really accepted that time."

"One of the things I've used is 'Don't get furious, get curious.' So don't be mad at yourself, but ask yourself, 'What happened?'" she continued.

Cyrus candidly expressed that she is "not a moderation person" and she doesn't believe everyone has to be sober.

"I think everyone has to do what is best for them. I don't have a problem with drinking. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go past that level of [intoxication] ... I become very impulsive."

"It's pretty easy for me to be sober or in and out of sobriety," Cyrus said, adding that the day she doesn't want to do it anymore, "I don't."

The singer previously opened up on how her sobriety journey has affected her and influenced her new music, during an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 in August.

"One thing I have grown into is that when I feel one thing is right for me — never preach that it's right for everybody else," she said. "You just definitely want to feel like you are just in control of your own life and not trying to control anyone else's. For me to be able to really have a good, clear understanding of the last two years, which there was some traumatic experiences — losing the house in Malibu and going through a really public breakup — I think I just really needed some clarity."

In the Apple Music interview, the singer also spoke about her relationship with her "Prisoner" duet partner, Dua Lipa.

"We have a lot of things in common, if you look at us. I would say our love for fashion, this is my number one, me and Dua both," Cyrus said. "She's probably the only person that can rival my collection of fuzzy hats. We have a love for fuzzy hats."

"For her and I, there's just no competition ... There's a true partnership," Cyrus said.