Miranda Lambert was destined to be a country girl ever since she was 8 years old, thanks to a special gift from her grandfather.

The singer shared two selfies this week from a "lunch date" with her grandfather, the man she calls "Paw Paw Hughes," explaining a little bit of the special relationship they've had over the years.

"He bought me my first pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hat when I was 8. Guess he knew back then I was gonna be a country girl forever," Lambert wrote in the caption of her post. "Love you so much Paw Paw Hughes (my mama's daddy.) Best lunch date ever."

The two photos show Miranda and her grandpa cracking up -- a frequent pastime for them, she explained.

"He has the best stories and the best sense of humor," the singer told her fans. "We were both laughing in pic 2 because he said, 'Who is taking the picture?' I said, 'Me...it's a selfie.'"

Lambert's been enjoying a little downtime after the first leg of her show, "Velvet Rodeo: The Las Vegas Residency."

She'll hit the stage once again in late November.