Olivia Rodrigo is celebrating her success with a new film.

The 19-year-old singer and "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" actress is taking fans behind some of her biggest hits in "OLIVIA RODRIGO: diving home 2 u (a SOUR film)" on Disney+, which shares her songwriting journey for her album "Sour" through a road trip from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles.

“Sour” spent five weeks as Billboard’s No. 1 album and her song, “ Drivers License,” was Spotify’s most-streamed song of 2021.

The hit song was originally written in her bedroom and blew up on TikTok during the pandemic. Rodrigo's lyrics resonated with many as they reflected heartbreak, relationships and navigating life as a teen.

"I have always been the most emotional kid. I'm a pisces and they're very emotional," she told "Good Morning America."

PHOTO: Olivia Rodrigo attends Variety's Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles, Dec. 4, 2021.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, FILE
Olivia Rodrigo attends Variety's Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles, Dec. 4, 2021.

As for openly sharing her experiences about high school break-ups in songs, Rodrigo calls it "empowering."

"I remember listening to it ['Driver's License'] after it had come out and rolling all the windows down and blasting the song and being so proud of myself for doing that," she said. "And it felt like such this cathartic moment where I felt like it was just something that kind of helped me get over something hard in my life."

Since the release of her album, Rodrigo has faced criticism about her music from people discrediting and denying her creativity.

"I think sometimes when you're especially a young woman in the industry, I think people are so quick to compare you to people or be like, 'Oh, she's the next this,' or 'She's this mixed with this,' and I just kind of wanna be me and do my own thing."

But with her many fans who have fallen in love with her music, including the Filipino community, which she is part of [her great grandfather immigrated from the Philippines], it's clear that Rodrigo is paving her own path in the music industry.

Now, with the success of her first album, many doors have opened for Rodrigo, who was recently named Billboard's Woman of the Year and is heading out on her first world tour. She's also performing at the Grammys next month, where she's nominated for seven awards, including best new artist, album of the year and song of the year.

"I'm so excited for it and I'm also very nervous," Rodrigo said. "I mean, I would love to win a Grammy one day. We'll see if it happens, fingers crossed."

"OLIVIA RODRIGO: driving home 2 u (a SOUR film)" is available March 25 on Disney+.

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