For Russell Wilson and Ciara, being in a position to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic is nothing short of a "blessing."

Back on March 17, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the "Goodies" singer announced they were donating 1 million meals to Food Lifeline in Seattle through Feeding America. Then, on March 31, the couple -- who have been married since 2016 -- pledged to donate 10 million more meals via the "Meals Up" initiative with Wheels Up to Feeding America.

With unemployment skyrocketing, an unprecedented number of Americans need help feeding their families. Today is ABC's Day of Hope, in partnership with Feeding America, to share food resources with Americans who need it. Learn more here and get involved at

"Obviously the world is going through so much right now and America is going through so much," Wilson, 31, told "Good Morning America" on Thursday.

"I think, for us, to just try to find a way to make a little bit of a difference has been important to us and heavy on our hearts," the NFL player continued. "We’ve been really hoping and praying for America, for all of us to come together."

Ciara, 34, noted it was their top priority to provide food -- one of the core "immediate needs" people depend on the most in troubling times -- to their community as Seattle was "one of the places that got hit the hardest in the beginning of all of this."

"Obviously this worldwide pandemic, coronavirus, is changing the world. Second by second, minute by minute," Wilson said in the video announcing their first donation. "People are losing loved ones. The elderly, the young and the people in between. You know, think about people losing jobs, even in Seattle."

"We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way that you can, big or small," Ciara added in the same clip. "Everything makes a difference, everything that we do together makes a difference and together we will conquer this tough time that we're going through."