"You're stuck on a deserted island and you can pick one of these Sesame Street friends to come with you. Who are you picking and why?"

The question, posed by the "Sesame Street" account, set Twitter on fire, prompting thousands of impassioned responses from all walks of life.

While it may be a "sunny day" down on "Sesame Street," it's a little heated on the Twitter!

Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins claimed "Elmo is the ONLY choice."

At one point, Grover seemed to be a clear winner by trend:

Grover himself eventually spoke out, saying, "to be clear, I am WAY too cute and adorable to get stuck on a deserted island."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt broke the rules with a wild card pick:

Even our "GMA" anchors gave their take -- with Strahan choosing Cookie Monster based on ideal food supplies!

Maybe Strahan is on to something...

The possibilities and rational ideas are endless.


One thing is for certain: passions are high and the debate continues across the Twitter-verse...