Winter has arrived at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's home.

McGraw shared on Monday that he and his family decided to dine "Game of Thrones" style, with each family member dressing up in costume as a different character from the hit show.

McGraw, 53, came to the table as Tormund, donning the character's signature ginger beard alongside a white pelt and sword. Hill, also 53, opted for a silver-blue ensemble to be the Night King, leader of the icy White Walkers.

The couples' children also got in on the fun, with their youngest daughter Audrey, 19, transforming into Sansa Stark with a red wig, black gown and headpiece, while oldest daughter Gracie, 23, held down the fort as Queen Cersei Lannister, with an elegant robe and crown. Holding a sword, Maggie, 22, represented Jon Snow.

"So we had a "Game of Thrones"-themed dinner at home with the kiddos. Merry Christmas!" McGraw wrote in a caption.