Brothers Osborne's vocal duo of the year win at Wednesday night's CMA Awards was extra sweet for T.J. Osborne in one big way. The singer, who came out as gay in February, got to bring his boyfriend, Abi Ventura, to the awards show.

The couple even shared a celebratory kiss before T.J. and his brother and bandmate, John Osborne, took to the stage for their acceptance speech.

Speaking to "Entertainment Tonight" after the show, T.J. admitted that he had some doubts about whether or not he should bring Ventura to the award show this year, saying "some of those fears sneak up."

But he didn't let it stop him, adding, "I was like, 'I hope this doesn't make anyone uncomfortable, but this is how I feel.'"

T.J. said Ventura, whom he called a "cutie," was nervous about their public appearance as a couple as well: "He was probably more nervous than anybody and he probably felt incredibly uncomfortable."

Still, the singer said he was excited to attend country music's biggest night on the arm of someone he loves, and he was excited to share this part of his life with his fans.

"I love this person, and I want to be open in every way," T.J. gushed. "Hopefully [it can] show people that they also don't need to hide or alter themselves in any way."

Brothers Osborne also performed their song, "Younger Me," at the show. Onstage, T.J. spoke about watching the CMA Awards when he was growing up and how he thought he could never be a part of the show because he was gay.