Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth took "Beverly Hills, 90210" fans back to the '90s with a recent visit to one of the show's iconic filming locations.

The former co-hosts and best friends paid a visit to the Hermosa Beach apartment that their characters -- Spelling's Donna Martin and Garth's Kelly Taylor -- called home on the series, which ran from 1990 to 2000, for an episode of their "90210MG" podcast.

"OMG we went back to the beach apartment..." Spelling captioned an Instagram post of her and Garth standing outside the dwelling on Tuesday.

"My bff @jenniegarth and I went back to our beloved (well Kelly & Donna's beloved) beach apartment for the first time in over 20 years!" she continued. "And, we have the podcast to prove it! Click link in my bio to hear this fun roomie bff episode '90210H, we're back' of @9021omgpodcast."

Spelling concluded the post, "See, you CAN go home again!"

In the episode, the actresses said that while they primarily filmed outside of the three-story building, they agreed it looked similar to the recreated apartment on set. They also agreed that the exterior looks exactly the same as it did during the show.

Garth said she felt "very comfortable" and "at home" inside the apartment, while Spelling said being there made her "feel very young" and "reminds me of so many times [of us] just laughing."

All three levels of the beach house are listed on Airbnb if you want to live out your own "Beverly Hills, 90210" fantasy.