Pink and her 9-year-old daughter, Willow Sage Hart, are teaming up to chase away the doldrums of quarantine with their adorable new song, "Cover Me In Sunshine."

Ahead of the song's music video premiere on Friday, the "Try" singer spoke directly to her fans about what inspired her to whip up a song out of the blue.

"We all know this year has been different and challenging and, at times, terrifying, and tumultuous... hasty and all the things," she said with a loud exhale in a trailer for the video.

The three-time Grammy Award winner revealed that she finds solace in music, adding, "I find comfort in song. I love singing with my daughter and my son -- it's a little different when he does it, though."

The new music video, released Friday morning, features footage of the singer and her daughter enjoying special moments together at their home.

Pink said it was recorded at home because "it made us feel happy and so we're gonna put it out for no other reason than that we hope that the song makes you feel happy."

In the video, the mother-daughter duo can be seen spending a day on a farm, collecting chicken eggs, riding horses and more.

It is very much a quarantine-inspired song as Pink reveals in the lyrics she's looking forward to when quarantine is over and life returns to normal.

"I've been dreaming of friendly faces / I got so much time to kill / Just imagine people laughing / I know some day we will / And even if it's far away / Give me through another day," she sings before Willow joins her in the chorus, expressing how they both want to be told "everything will be all right."