After debuting it on TikTok earlier this week, Pink has announced that she and her daughter, Willow Sage Hart, will officially release their original song "Cover Me in Sunshine" on Friday.

In a video posted on her social media channels, Pink said that because this past year has been "at times, terrifying, challenging, tumultuous and angsty," she's been finding comfort in music.

Now she wants to share that feeling with her fans.

"We have this song called 'Cover Me in Sunshine' that we recorded at home because it made us feel happy," she said. "And so we're gonna put it out, for no other reason than that we hope that the song makes people happy."

"And we thought we'd put it out around Valentine's Day as a big ol' hug and kiss from us to all y'all," she added.

Pink also said she loved singing with her daughter and her son Jameson, but joked, "It's a little different when he does it, though."

She was referring to the fact that when she asked him to sing "Cover Me in Sunshine" on TikTok, he delivered the song in a low, growly voice.

"I think he's gonna be in a metal band," Pink mused.