Tim Tebow is all about helping others.

The National Champ and former Florida Gators star decided to surprise inmates at Alfred Hughes prison in Texas late last week, and the results are pure gold.

The inmates seem absolutely taken with the athlete and football analyst, even engaging in a push-up competition and enjoying his inspirational words.

"We had fun, but I got smoked!" he said about the competition in the clip. "So encouraged by what God is doing at Alfred Hughes prison and grateful for the time spent with my new brothers in Christ today! Excited to see how they will use their lives for the Kingdom as they grow closer to God and encourage others to live in faith!"

He added, "Thank you to the Warden and the entire staff- thank you for opening your doors and letting us love on your boys today!"

The visit was set up through Tebow's foundation.

In the clip, another inmate competes with Tebow, and it gets intense.

And believe it or not, the champ lost. But he took it in stride, and it was all in good fun.

The comments on the post include, "You are awesome Tim" and "U we're awesome! Ty for sharing this with us! God bless u all!"

A little love goes a long way.