Sutton Foster may play a 20-something who works in publishing on the hit TV show "Younger," but the actress and singer said she relishes her real-life role as a mother.

PHOTO: A scene from the television show "Younger."
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A scene from the television show "Younger."

"I was a mess in my 20s," Foster told "GMA" laughing about not wanting to relive them like her on-screen persona Liza Miller does. "I feel like my life has only gotten better every decade."

Foster, 43, and her husband, Ted Griffin, recently adopted their first child, a 15-month-old daughter named Emily Dale.

"We adopted her last year right before season four started," she explained. "I have all this extra anxiety so I started crocheting baby blankets and made my New Year's resolution to make 10 baby blankets -- and I'll auction them off for an adoption charity so I can help other families be able to share in the joy of adoption because it's changed our lives."

The two-time Tony Award winner said her daughter also inspired some of the songs on her new album, "Take me to the World."

"It's been a long time in the making and [it's] totally inspired by becoming a mom," she said. "This is all for her, all the songs are sort of inspired by her."

Foster said that one of the lullabies she created for the album prompted a precious reaction from her daughter.

"The very first time I played it for my daughter she looked at the speaker and looked at me and looked at the speaker [again] and looked at me and she crawled into my lap and put her forehead against my forehead, I am not kidding," Foster said. "And I was like, 'What's happening?'"

"I don't know if she realizes that mommy's voice comes from the speaker and I know someday she's going to be like 'don't sing, don't sing,' but not now," she said with a laugh.